History – Lumley Jacobs becomes LJS Global

With a new decade, come new opportunities. We felt that 2020 was the year to rebrand and become LJS Global to reflect the more international nature and intent of our business.

Lumley Jacobs UK was founded in 2003 by Robert Lumley and Hugo Jacobs with the sole objective of helping insurance providers de-commoditise their products and services. The business grew quickly by focusing on the needs of large incumbent insurers and their customers.

Due to increasing demand for Lumley Jacobs’ solutions in the UK and North America, Lucian Snow joined the firm and opened the Boston office in 2014.

Over the years, LJS has created widely diverse experiences for our partner clients. Beyond the importance of surprising and delighting the policyholder, the focus has been on a program’s ability to launch smoothly, scale efficiently, and pay for itself quickly.


Hugo Jacobs

Hugo Jacobs – Managing Director

Whilst Hugo has overall responsibility for the day-to-day decisions in the UK and works closely with the US office on the strategic direction of the group; his preference is spending time with clients. His passion is the whole process of igniting client innovation to create, tailor and deliver solutions that help clients engage their customers.

Lucian Snow

Lucian Snow – Managing Partner

Lucian joined LJS Global in 2014 and runs the North American operations out of Boston. Beyond developing our NA client base, he has responsibility for program innovation and supplier partnerships across the group.

Heads of Departments

  • Rob Staunton – Finance
  • Amy Henderson – Operations
  • Mark Richardson – Digital
  • Steve Wilson – Research
  • Komal Gupta – IT
  • Mike Toghill – Design
  • Paul Baker – Strategy

Our Values

  • PPartner
  • RRespect
  • IInnovate
  • MMotivate
  • EEnjoy
  • DDeliver

Giving Back

LJS Global donates a portion of revenue to non-profit micro-insurance organizations that help fragile communities.